Tours, are they for you?

Are you one of those travelers who want to be guided through a destination, take that backpack and local transportation or something in between? Any of these types of  travel or tours are offered all over the world.

There are actually three options to see a destination: escorted, guided and independent.


This tour is generally planned and researched. You really don’t want to just arrive at a destination and then plan your time. Having at least a general idea of what you’d like to accomplish on this vacation is important. This could mean having the hotel and transportation pre-planned and confirmed, and possibly a city tour.  A city tour offers you a chance to see what’s to see and possibly return to later in your trip.


The guided tour is similar to the independent tour, but gives you the benefit of a local “host” who can help with suggestions of things to do or see. They may also be providing a city or local tour. Generally you’re still on your own for a majority of the time.


The escorted tour has evolved over the years and is not your grandmother’s tour. It used to be the “If it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium” mentality. You would be on a bus for hours and just seeing sites from your seat. Nowadays, most escorted tours allow for plenty of time to explore on your own and experience the local scene. Many escorted tours spend two nights in a location that help provide a more in depth experience in that area. Some escorted tours offer smaller groups of 8 to 12 or as many as 40.  The smaller groups offer more special itineraries or locations that may be off the beaten path. The larger groups offer you the opportunity to meet lot’s of new friends from all over and see the sites you’ve always wanted to visit.

Whichever way you choose to travel, there are tours out there to fit your needs, show value and check off some of your bucket list.