Planning a Destination Family Reunion or Life Celebration

What better way to gather together family and friends than a reunion? Whether your family is large or small, consider getting help from the start by calling in the experts. Your travel consultant can take care of details ranging from recommending appropriate destinations to fit your needs. They are well acquainted with cruise ships and resorts that specialize in family travel. Consultants can help families with last minute itinerary changes and cancelled flights, as well as arranging for family members with special needs.

For large groups, a travel consultant usually has access to pre-negotiated airfare and hotel rates otherwise unavailable. Planning a reunion can become complicated, especially a large reunion involving lots of people. Experienced travel consultants recommend that families begin planning up to two years in advance.

If you are planning a reunion that involves traveling long distances, or an adventure like a cruise or a trip out of the country, many family members may need time to save money and make special arrangements for extended leave from work.

Be prepared for guests who require special consideration. Everyone has different needs and it is important to the success of your event to be aware of those needs and have adequate time to plan accordingly. Disabled guests may need special equipment or accommodations. Whatever the circumstances, leave enough time to ensure suitable arrangements can be made to accommodate everyone.

Picking a date that works for everyone can be one of the most difficult, but one of the most important, steps in planning a family reunion. Ask for suggestions and select a date that will work for most. Communicate plans to host a reunion far enough in advance that attendees will be able to avoid conflicting events. E-mail, a special website, and social media keeps guests informed and interested. E-mail is an inexpensive way to maintain communications and provides an easy way for guests to ask questions. Consider holding the reunion on a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive resort. Each offers entertainment options for every generation and can take much of the stress out of planning activities around varying interests. Choose a venue that is large enough to accommodate activities for everyone and offers a variety of things to do.